News from the Hartley Library bookshelves!

Thanks to the generosity of the HGT we have been able to acquire more than thirty books for the HGT Hutton Library this academic year.  These are a combination of new titles, second-hand books and donations.  Sadly we cannot always accept all the books we are offered as our collection generally is limited to works relating to Garden History, the aesthetics of garden design, biographies of garden makers and especially works relating to conservation of private and public spaces; we do try to support Hampshire writers and garden-owners but we do not hold books on gardening or horticulture.  A list of this year’s acquisitions is available below and the full collection can be searched online at

In the past year we have had a small cohort of review writers whose assessment of new books have been published on the Library page of our website; a very big ‘thank you’ to these scribes whose views and opinions are so valued.  Anyone can write a review, so do please drop us a line if you have read a good book and would like to share it with us.

It will not have escaped your notice that many books have been released this year on the life of Lancelot Brown!  We already own some highly-regarded works on Capability but later in the year we shall look back over the year’s releases and select some of the best so as not to over-balance the Library with Brownian works.  We need to leave space for Repton in 2018!

As always, DO go to the Hartley and browse our shelves; the librarian, Jenny Ruthven is always at hand to guide and assist and she will love to meet you.

Valerie Joynt

Hon. Librarian

Library Acquisitions 2015-2016
Cox, Chivers, Musgrave ed. The Gardener’s Garden Phaidon 2014
Herries, A Japanese Gardens in Britain Shire 2001
Historic Gardens Review HGF Issue 32 01/07/15
Summerley, V Great Gardens of London Frances Lincoln 2015
Quest-Ritson, C The English Garden Abroad Penquin 1996
Blunt, W The Compleat Naturalist: a Life of Linnaeus William Collins 1971
Coats, P Great Gardens of Britain Hamlyn 1970
Campion, P The Wessex Series- Hampshire  j.Looker, Poole C 1920
Attlee, Helena Charles Latham’s Gardens of Italy Aurum Press 2009
Legg,K ed. James Russell archive Borthwick Inst
Puckler-Muskau Hints on Landscape Gardening: 2014
Ruff, A Arcadian Visions Pastoral Influences on Poetry, Painting and the Design of Landscape Oxbow books 2015
Ruff, A. An Author and a Gardener: E Wharton & L Johnson Oxbow books 2014
Richardson, T ed.  Vista. The Culture & Politics of Gardens Frances Lincoln 2005
Wulf, A.  The Brother Gardeners J Murray 2008
Wulf, A. The Invention of Nature- A von Humboldt J Murray 2015
Conan, M Perspectives on Garden History
Hyams, Edward. The Story of England’s Flora 1979
Orleans Gallery Arcadian Thames 2013
Historic Gardens Foundation Historic Gardens Review Issue 33 Dec 2015/2016
King, Peter.  Women Rule the Plot
Jane Loudon The Amateur Gardener’s Calendar  London Longman 1867
Phillips, Roger & Foy, N. A Photographic Garden History Macmillan 1995
Kluckert, E. European Garden Design Cologne 2000
Knapp, S. Plant Discoveries London 2003
Galinou, M (ed.) London’s Pride  London 1990
Connolly, C. Les Pavillons, French Pavilions of the Eighteenth Century Macmillan 1962
Guinness, D. & O’Brien, J. Great Irish Houses and Castles Abrams 1992
Borough Twickenham LHS A Tribute to Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill House 2011
Carnarvon, the Countess of. Capability Brown and Highclere Park Highclere 2016
Mowl, T. Historic Gardens of England: Hampshire
London Parks & Gardens Trust London Landscapes: newsletter  No 42  Spring 2016
Desmond, S. The Gardens of the Italian Lakes Frances Lincoln 2016
Mikhail Piotrovsky, Mikhail Dedinkin The Hampton Court Albums of Catherine the Great: Containing drawings, mainly of the palace and its surrounds, by Capability Brown’s draughtsman and … by Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia 2016
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