Hampshire Gardens Trust Hutton Library

The library has now been renamed the HGT Hutton Library after the late Professor Stan Hutton and his wife, Barbara, who organised the setting up of the library at the University and continued to run it until 2007.

Valerie Joynt is the Honorary Librarian and looks after the collection of books we have at the library.  Valerie is always looking for suggestions from members and is keen to hear from anyone who has read a good book which covers our subject range i.e. designers, botanists, plant hunters, conservation and restoration of gardens and landscapes, public parks, general garden history and specific gardens anywhere which have historical significance.  Preference is given to books of a historical or scholarly content and particular preference goes to books about gardens and landscapes in Hampshire or books written by HGT members.

If you are willing to share your own thoughts with the HGT, please feel free to write your own review and email to the HGT office admin@hgt.org.uk and we will post it in the Book Review section of our website.

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Southampton University Highfield Campus

The Trust’s Library is based in the Hartley Library at the University of Southampton.
The HGT Hutton Library is part of Special Collections on level 4 of the Hartley Library.  It is open to all to use.

The books are shelved in the Special Collections open access area and can be used whenever the Library is open.

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To use the library

When you first visit the library apply for a minicard by showing your HGT membership card and a piece of personal identification. The minicard gives you access to the library and enables you to borrow books.

Borrowing books

Members of the Hampshire Gardens Trust can apply for free membership of the Library as External Borrowers. Please bring your HGT membership card with you and one piece of personal ID.

As a member of the Hartley Library, HGT books may be borrowed on long loan except a few which will still be for reference only. There are also books relevant for our research on the open shelves of the Hartley which may also be borrowed.

Search the Library catalogue (WebCat): https://www-lib.soton.ac.uk/uhtbin/cgisirsi/?ps=m3NzDyQiMO/HARTLEY/X/60/502/X

Browse the HGT-Hutton collection: https://www-lib.soton.ac.uk/uhtbin/cgisirsi/?ps=m3NzDyQiMO/HARTLEY/X/60/502/X

NB: any book available through the catalogue may be delivered to a more convenient site for you to collect, eg the Winchester School of Art.  You can also return books through the Winchester School of Art.


Parking freely is possible in the roads near the university with a maximum stay of 2 hours. During working hours there is a university car park for visitors at the junction of University Road and Burgess Road, charging £1 per hour. After 5.30 p.m. weekdays,

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Book Reviews

The Art of the Islamic Garden

by Emma Clark

Published by Crowood Press PB edition 2010

Reviewed by
Valerie Joynt


The Well Gardened Mind

By Sue Stuart-Smith

Published by William Collins

Reviewed by
Sally Smith

The Theory of Gardens

by Jean-Marie Morel

Published by Dumbarton Oaks Research Library as part of the exhorto series, 2019

Reviewed by
Valerie Joynt

An Economic History of the English Garden

by Roderick Floud, Published by Penguin Random House, 2019

Reviewed by
Valerie Joynt


The Hidden Horticulturalists: The untold story of the men who shaped Britain's gardens

by Fiona Davison, Published by Atlantic Books, London, 2019

Reviewed by
Kevin Barton


The Galanthophiles: 160 years of snowdrop devotees

by Jane Kilpatrick and Jennifer Harmer , Published by Orphans Publishing, 2018

Reviewed by
Helen Powell


The laying out, planting and managing of cemeteries and on the improvement of churchyards

by J C Loudon, Facsimile edition
with an introduction and bibliography by James Stevens Curl, 2019

Reviewed by
Ann Pearce

Humphry Repton at Herriard Park 'Improving the Premises'

by Sally Miller 2019, Published by Hampshire Gardens Trust £12

Reviewed by
Steven Desmond


Marsh Court

by Francis James 2015, Old Bakehouse Publications £16

Reviewed by
Valerie Joynt


Earthly Joys

by Phillipa Gregory (1998 HarperCollins)

Reviewed by
Georgina Craufurd


You Should Have Been Here Last Week : Sharp Cuttings from a Garden Writer

by Tim Richardson  (2016, pb 2018 Pimpernel Press)

Reviewed by
Georgina Craufurd


The History of Landscape Designs in 100 Gardens

by Linda A Chisholm, 2018, Time Press, Oregon

Reviewed by
Valerie Joynt

The Buildings of England: Hampshire: South

by Charles O’Brien et al (2018)

£35.00. Reviewed by
Georgina Craufurd

Gardens of the Italian Lakes

by Stephen Desmond

Photographs Marianne Majerus. Pub. Francis Lincoln 2016. 224 pages £35.00.

Reviewed by
Sheila Carey-Thomas.

Cottages Ornés: The Charms of the Simple Life

by Roger White

Photographs Marianne Majerus. Yale U. P. 2017. 272 pages.

Reviewed by
Georgina Craufurd

Lancelot Brown and the Capability Men: Landscape Revolution in Eighteenth-century England

by David Brown and Tom Williamson

Pub. Reaktion Books. 2016. 250 pages

Reviewed by
Wendy Bishop.

First Ladies of Gardening

By Heidi Howcroft

Photographs Marianne Majerus. ISBN 9-780-7112-3643-1. Publ. Frances Lincoln 2015. 176 pages.

Reviewed by
Georgina Craufurd

Gardens of Court and Country 1630–1730

by David Jacques

Pub. Yale U.P. 2017, £45. ix + 406 pages, 299 illus.

Reviewed by
Georgina Craufurd

A Natural History of English Gardening 1650–1800

by Mark Laird

2015 Yale Unversity Press. 438 pages. ISBN 978 0 300 19636 8. RRP £45.

Reviewed by
Valerie Joynt

Ichnographia Rustica – Stephen Switzer and the Designed Landscape

By William Alvis Brogden

Published by Routledge, March 2016.

Reviewed by
Valerie Joynt

The Brother Gardeners, Botany, Empire and the Birth of an Obsession

by Andrea Wulf

Heinemann 2008, 246 pages. Longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize 2009
Winner of the American Horticultural Society 2010 Book Award

Reviewed by
Janet Hurrell

The Historic Gardens of England: Hampshire

By Timothy Mowl and Jane Whitaker

privately published by Stephen Morris, 2016, £19.95 available from Wells Bookshop, Winchester

Reviewed by
Rosemary Baird