Trustees’ Handbook of procedural matters

A Review Panel was set up by the Executive Committee of the Trust at a meeting on 27th January 2015 to review The Trust’s procedural papers as necessitated by the concurrent change to a new constitution as recommended by the Charity Commissioners, making The Trust a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The Executive Committee approved the revised papers at a meeting on 21st October 2015.


Purpose of the Handbook

The Handbook is for on-going reference by the Trustees to ensure that the affairs of The Trust are conducted in a manner that conforms with the requirements of the Charity Commissioners and accords with the purposes of The Trust. It is intended that it will also serve to inform new Trustees and others, and to minimise any misunderstandings about the work and procedures of The Trust.


Management of the Handbook

It will be amongst the duties of the Trustees to ensure that a master copy of the Handbook (held by the Administrator in a file in the Trust office and on The Trust’s website) is kept up to date an available for reference at Executive Committee meetings. This may include revisions and additions when approved by the Trustees from time to time.

The Handbook should also be reviewed once a year by a panel of Trustees consisting of the Chairman or Vice Chairman, the Hon Treasurer and the chairs of all active Teams. Any revisions or additions are to be first authorised by all the Trustees. When approved the papers that have been revised are to be re-dated, re-printed and together with any new papers signed by the Chairman and issued to each Trustee with a new Contents page with amended dates.