Planning Consultations


  • Stansbridge Earls
  • King John’s House and Garden:
  • Westbury Park .
  • Hackwood Park
  • Home Farm, Minley Manor
  • Elvethan Hall .
  • Dogmersfield: Developments are being monitored by the Gardens Trust and HGT.
  • Staunton Country Park: This HLF funded project is now progressing well on site.  The Team is still represented at the Board Meetings.  The local school also represented and is actively involved.
  • Victoria Park: Notification of a new regeneration project for the space, which will now be assessed.
  • Glenfield Lodge, Hamble Lane, Burseldon 
  • Land west of Burnetts Lane, Eastleigh 
  • South Lodge, Swanmore – annex in former park 
  • Eastleigh Borough Council Local Plan 2016-36 – Consultations on Main Modifications 
  • Welborne Land North of Fareham – a new community – further details and updates 
  • Readen Pond Wood, Hart – Woodland management by Forestry Commission 
  • Field House, Highclere Park 
  • Reviving Victoria Park, Portsmouth – a NLHF backed project for a People’s Park’ 
  • Recreational Mitigation SPD 2021, New Forest –  Adoption statement from NFDC


  • North Stoneham Estate – concerns over the proposed retirement village.
  • The Vyne – concerns over the proposed works to spillway and pedestrian bridge
  • Marchwood Priory Hospital – concerns over the effect upon kitchen garden
  • Minley Manor – further pre-application concerning proposed hotel
  • Hackwood Park – impact from proposed MOTO M3 Motorway Service Station
  • Havant Thicket – concerns over the proposed reservoir by Portsmouth Water
  • Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley – concerns over the park centre
  • Whitehill and Bordon site – looking at the impact of this large scale development for 1300 homes on any Grade II listed parks
  • Warbrook House – informal enquiry concerning proposed management plan


  • Westbury House development (concern over survival of garden of historic significance)
  • Southsea Coastal Defence (concerns over the important heritage assets affected by the plans)
  • Bramshill Park (concerns affecting the development affecting this unique Jacobean landscape)
  • Bargate Shopping Centre, Southampton (concerns over the impact this development would have on the Grade II Listed Central Parks)


  • Odiham Deer Park
  • Staunton Park (member of Development Steering committee)
  • Stoke Park housing development, Eastleigh (opposition to proposed site for 5,000 houses)
  • Royal Victoria Country Park (memorial garden)
  • Pitt Manor Cottage (concern over housing development)
  • J6 M3 proposed Motorway service station and hotel (concern over siting close to Hackwood and countryside)
  • Royal Victoria Country Park (memorial garden)


  • N Stoneham (housing development)
  • Royal Victoria Country Park (erection of a new house)
  • Headley Park (hotel development)
  • Froyle House (additional parking)
  • Minley Manor (major development)
  • Farnborough Hill (extension of Care Home)
  • Coopers Bridge
  • Barnes Lane Care Home
  • Catherine House, Portsmouth (development)
  • Eastleigh Local Plan
  • Bramshill (major development)

Sites commented on in late 2015 to 2016:

All sites need looking at, some have ‘No comment’ response, others have to be evaluated and responded to.

  • Awbridge Danes (Test Valley BC)
  • Binsted House (SDNP)
  • Bramshill (Hart DC)
  • Bramshott Court (East Hants DC)
  • Central Parks (Southampton UA)
  • Court House (application at adjacent Church Cottage, East Meon, E Hants DC)
  • Durford Edge, (Liss, E Hants DC)
  • Embley Park (Test Valley BC)
  • Froyle Farm House (East Hants DC)
  • Greyladyes (Eastleigh BC)
  • Herriard Park (Basingstoke & Deane DC)
  • Hoe Moor House (Eastleigh BC)
  • Mottisfont Abbey (Test Valley BC)
  • Old Alresford Place (Winchester DC)
  • Ploverfield (Eastleigh BC)
  • Pylewell (NFNPark) (image above)
  • Ropley Grove (East Hants DC)
  • Sir Harold Hillier Garden (Test Valley DC)
  • Southsea Common (Portsmouth UA)
  • The Wakes (E Hants DC)

Many other applications re sites on the Hampshire Register of Historic Parks and Gardens were received which did not require representation from the Trust, which will only intervene when a listed site or one on the Hampshire Register of Historic Parks and Gardens is significantly affected.

Clayhall, Royal Military Cemetery, Fareham – support given to the request for listing, which was subsequently awarded Grade II by Heritage England – click here for the listing.

Some of the Planning Applications responded to late 2014-2015

  • Andrews Park, Southampton
  • Bassett, Southampton
  • Blackmoor Place (formerly Blackbrook House), Fareham – two applications
  • Cadlington House, East Hants (The Trust submitted objections to two development applications)
  • Hartley Place, Hart
  • Hawley Park, Hart (letter to the local MP)
  • Magdelen Hill Cemetery, Winchester
  • Marsh Court, Test Valley (response prepared by the HGT President, followed by a further submission by the Team)
  • Minley Manor (with the President), Hart
  • Norman Court School, Test Valley
  • Swanmore Park, Winchester District
  • Vernon Hill House, Winchester District
  • Weir’s Barn, Hart