The Conservation and Development Team

The Conservation & Development Team’s resources and expertise in planning, architecture and landscape design, are vital to help conserve and protect public and private parks and gardens.

Our Team has three principal objectives:

  • To help conserve historic parks and gardens
  • To assist the creation of new, public green spaces
  • To assist local planning authorities when considering planning applications for developments that are likely to impact directly upon a listed historic park or garden or other designed landscape.

Creating and Conserving

The Team achieves these objectives firstly through its range of expertise and local knowledge, whereby advice can be offered on conservation, maintenance or design.

Secondly, the Team can provide grants to assist in the implementation of projects – ranging from new public gardens to advice and financial support for maintenance and repairs to existing, publicly accessible historic parks or gardens. Whilst funding may be limited, the Team often offers its grants as ‘seed capital’ to encourage others to build-up the necessary funds.

Assisting Local Planning Authorities

The Team works closely with the Trust’s Research Team, and the professional background of all involved enables them to provide assistance to local planning authorities on local development applications affecting historic parks and gardens, or other designed landscapes. These skills are also available when core strategies are being developed by local planning authorities.

In addition, together with the Research Team, the Conservation and Development Team supports local authorities with information to enable them to create local lists of landscape heritage assets.

Who can apply for a grant or advice?

  • Private owners of publicly accessible* historic parks or gardens
  • Organisations who administer publicly accessible* historic parks or gardens
  • Organisations who wish to create new gardens for public access.

* Publicly accessible at least for some of the year

For advice, a written request to the Trust office, detailing the query will be answered as soon as practical. To apply for a grant, the Trust office can supply a request form which should be completed and returned with as much information as possible.

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