Our 35th AGM – Saturday 7th December 2019

This year, the 35th Annual General Meeting, was held at the Millennium Hall in Littleton.  It was very well attended, with over 60 members present.  HGT President Gilly Drummond got the proceedings underway, with HGT Chairman, Ted Wake, summarising the achievements of 2019 and giving a very optimistic and positive message of all the work planned for 2020.  During lunch, Saxophonist Isabel Van der Ven, played festive tunes which created a very warm and relaxed atmosphere’.

A huge thank you to Lionel de Rothschild for being this year’s guest speaker.  Thanks also to his head gardener, Tom Clarke, who came to help set up the IT equipment in preparation for the talk.

Lionel, the grandson and namesake of the creator of Exbury Gardens, outlined its history, talked about the highlights of his grandfather’s hybrid creations and touched upon the changes over the last 100 years.  He relayed family anecdotes about his grandfather’s meticulous nature, his passion for unique collections and the historical figures that inspired and advised him in the creation of Exbury.  The talk was fascinating!

A special thanks also goes to all the volunteers who helped to set up.  Your continued help and support is always very much appreciated.

Some of our members and guests at the AGM