A grant of £200 was given recently towards the tools and equipment to assist in the school’s garden by way of encouragement to children’s education in what is a locality of some need.

Staff and children at the school say ‘we would like to say thank you so much for your kind donation of £200.  We intend to put it towards our improvements to our garden areas near the playground with more appropriate planting, maybe even a sensory garden where the area can be more interactive for the children.  We are also grateful to Jennifer Adams for giving us her time and advice on what would be best to plant there.   We have already started to improve our garden hub, which has already had a positive impact on the children and the wildlife there.  Our garden hub:

The members of staff who have volunteered to implement the changes, hope with the help of your donation, that we can do the same in our other garden areas around the school.

Here are the garden areas we’re looking to improve and where your kind donation will be used.


Many thanks again.
Staff and children at Fairisle Infant & Nursery School