Hampshire Gardens Trust has recently been involved with the regeneration of a lovely community garden, Home Nursery Green in Winchester.  The garden can be accessed via a side lane which is next to Hilliers Garden Centre.

The planting scheme was drawn up by Rosie Yeomans and Hampshire Gardens Trust gave a grant towards the cost of a new notice board which explains the background of the park, which was once part of Hilliers Garden Centre.

Councillor Liz Hutchison, who played a huge part in overseeing the regeneration officially ‘re-opened’ it with some local residents attending, Sue Gordon who was involved with the design of the notice board, representatives of Hampshire Gardens Trust and Sir Robert and Lady Hillier.  There was also a small group of nursery children who frequently use the park, a welcomed sight as this is what community gardens are for after all!

Some local residents

Councillor Liz Hutchison and Lady Hillier

Sir Robert & Lady Hillier

Sue Gordon and Janet Hurrell (HGT)

Local nursery children