Hampshire Gardens Trust donated £200 to help purchase plants for Home Nursery Green in Winchester, a small communal garden tucked behind the Hilliers Garden Centre on Romsey Road.  Previously the Trust paid for a notice board which sets out the history of the site and highlights some of the trees and plants already in situ which are a significant part of the site.

The planting took place on  Sunday 5 July, helped by two families who live close by. While planting was in progress many favorable comments were received about the gardens from people passing by.  It is becoming a pleasure to observe people now enjoying the gardens, families in particular.

It is hoped that a Friends group will soon be established and support is already being received by some of the local households who help with watering etc.  Clearly the gardens are becoming more loved.

A huge thank you to all those involved in breathing new life into the garden for the enjoyment of all!  You have all done an amazing job!