What the Research Group does

Our Research and Recording Group investigates and records the history of individual parks and gardens to identify their historic significance, record their current condition and to inform their future conservation and development.

These records provide essential details for the Hampshire Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. The Register is a database of some 850 parks, gardens and designed landscapes of historic interest throughout the County. It includes over 50 sites recognised by English Heritage and recorded on their National Register.

The Group’s research is used to raise awareness, and inform owners and those responsible for the management of historic parks and gardens. It is also used to inform the Trust’s responses to planning applications that may affect a site on the Register.

We have a public website where you can view all sites on the Register, summaries of our research or links to other sources of information. CLICK HERE

Our researchers receive training and guidance, support and friendly advice. We organise meetings and visits, and every year run lectures on various aspects of garden history for Trust members and the public.

We welcome new members: if you are interested in joining the Research Group, please contact the Research Group Chairman at admin@hgt.org.uk